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When David W. came to me to sell a home the he had recently inherited, he believed the value of the home was $250,000. Knowing the market, inventory and demand for a home like the one he needed to sell, I informed him that he was mistaken. In fact, the home was not worth $250,000, it was more like $300,000. And when it went under contract for $305,000 he and his family were ecstatic. We fielded multiple offers and accepted a great offer that settled quickly.

When Dave and Katie told me they wanted to make a full price offer on a million dollar home, I had already done my homework. I knew the sellers needed to be out fast and even though the home was priced great, I recommended they write an offer for $25,000 less than the asking price. They were amazed that the sellers took the offer. When the house appraised for 10% more than they paid for it they couldn't thank me enough.

Stories like those above are why I like to help buyers and sellers with their real estate needs. While there are plenty of sites that attempt to educate buyers and sellers about the value of the property they would like to buy or sell--there is no substitute for knowing the right questions to ask, and doing the right homework when it comes to making or taking an offer.

Our full time staff at RE/MAX Elite Services provides us with the back up I need to free me up to do the right research for you. I spend my time finding value for you throughout the process and making sure that you make educated decisions regarding your real estate needs.

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