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Staging Your Home for Sale

If you are like most people in America who watch television you have had to seen the HGTV network. HGTV network spends millions of dollars producing shows like Property Brothers, Bang for Your Buck, Staged to Perfection and Decorating Cents which help home owners and home sellers determine low dollar fixes, home staging techniques and how to make your home just a better place to live. These shows have trained buyers to look for staged homes and let sellers know, if you want to compete–you had better stage. Don’t know where to start? No problem, I can help.

I was one of the agents who years ago really embraced home staging. Home staging is the first step to marketing a home. If your home is not well staged, all of the marketing that comes next might be worthless or even harmful to your bottom line. Here is a brief video of a home that I recently listed and sold where staging made all of the difference in the world to the seller’s bottom line and to buyer’s perspective of value of the property.

Staging to Sell by Meyer L

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7901 Fields Road 2405 006 1A 9701 Fields Road Homes In Maryland Post Stage 088

7901 Fields Road 2405 004 1A 9701 Fields Road Homes In Maryland Post Stage 061

If you look hard at the photos, you will notice a theme. Staging is not so much decorating as it is depersonalizing. This home was market for 70 days prior to the seller agreeing to making the recommended changes. No written offers were received and all verbal offers were tens of thousands below the asking price. Once the home was complete, it took less than one week for it to sell above list price.

This is just one example of how my staging plan worked to net my seller tens of thousands in profit almost immediately. Call me at 301-674-5227 to talk about your plans. Let me help you get the most profit out of your home. Visit for a FREE Ebook titled “Selling Your Home” and see how I make the most of your home sale.


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