What sets you apart from other agents?

My use of technology is the area where I excel. I utilize the latest and best methods to not only help you find a home, but to help you get to settlement in the most efficient way possible. My use of Dropbox, Google Calendar, Mozaic, Zipforms, Docusign and other automated systems is second to none. I own the latest camera, video and drone photography sytems as well as hire professionals when needed. With my systems there is no way things will fall through the cracks. My real estate videos are the best available. They are tailored commercials for your home that reach tens of thousands of buyers through aggressive online ad campaigns.

In addition, I have had hundreds of successful closings throughout my career. My experience includes standard sales, distressed property sales, REOs, short sales, relocation, foreclosures, BPOs, vacant property, long distance purchases and listings.

How many homes should do most buyers see?

Most people see between 15 and 20 homes before making an offer over 4-8 weeks. However, some people know exactly what they want and are able to make decisions very quickly. I will always help you determine if the house is listed at a fair asking price and negotiate the best deal possible.

How long does the settlement process take?

It takes between 30 and 60 days to get to settlement after your offer is accepted. It really depends on how quickly you want to move. If the seller is okay with it I have seen cash settlements done in a week. 30 days usually gives the lender plenty of time to get your loan processed and the title company time to make sure there is nothing that will affect the transfer of the title.  However, a title search can be expedited.

What about foreclosures and short sales?

Bank owned properties are referred to as “REO” (real estate owned) property. Short sales are properties in which the seller owes the bank more than the house is worth and is asking the bank to accept less than the actual mortgage payoff at settlement. These offers are contingent on the seller having “third party approval” from the bank. They are the most time consuming and least likely to settle real estate transactions. Some take as much as six months or more to settle due to bank delays.

What if I find out the HOA won’t let me…?

In Maryland you have 5 days from receiving HOA or 7 days from receiving condominium documents to cancel your contract.

Do I need to give the sellers a deposit with my offer?

You must provide an earnest money deposit check with your offer which will be deposited in an escrow account with the settlement attorney or RE/MAX Realty Group if your offer is accepted. If you breach the contract the seller could try to forfeit your deposit as damages. None of my clients have ever had their deposit forfeited.